Green IT

Green IT

More than 120 million computers are sold each year. A life without electronic devices, especially in the computer world, is almost unimaginable. However, this has a significant impact on the environment of our planet. Gisler Systems - in accordance with all legal requirements - through targeted processes of disposal and recycling is obliged to contribute to the protection of the environment and thus protect our planet.


More Value than you think

Gisler Systems AG has already anchored these ecological values in its corporate DNA when it was established in 1999 as one of the most important pillars of its commercial success. Used appliances have a second life in Europe. This creates an inexpensive alternative for families and low-income institutions and significantly reduces the consumption of resources.

The graphic below gives you an idea of how many resources are spent on making a computer with a monitor or a notebook:

Disposal and recycling

Thanks to recycling, the complete scrapping of old computer hardware is a long but extremely valuable process for our contribution to environmental protection. Due to their production or their substances and ingredients, the appliances are broken down into their individual parts and destroyed separately and, if possible, recycled. For example, in a notebook, the screen and the battery are removed because they are subject to different disposal and recycling guidelines. With a computer, some power cables and components must be removed.