PC, Notebooks, Monitors, Smartphones, Tablets, Printers, Network Components, Mainframe from different manufacturers


PC, Notebooks, Monitors, Smartphones, Tablets, Printers, Network Components, Mainframe from different manufacturers


Online shop for your employee’s PC, notebook, monitor, smartphone, tablets


Gisler Systems AG has specialized in all kinds of hardware rollouts. We take away all organizational questions concerning the exchange. You do not bind your employees and your business processes remain efficient.

Our clients from the financial, health, education and industrial sectors have been trusting Gisler Systems since 1999. Contact us for further information.


We undertake all related work and handle it in a timely, appropriate and confidential manner. We agree with you an individual solution of the hardware rollout.

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about us

The company WHG Consulting GmbH was founded in 1999 by Walter H. Gisler and Claudia Gisler in Zug. In 2000, the company changed its name to a stock corporation and changed its name to Gisler Systems AG. Since its inception, Gisler Systems AG enjoys an excellent reputation as a reliable and competent computer broker.

Gisler Systems AG is today one of the leading IT remarketing companies in the European region and has near to 18 years of experience in the professional re-marketing of used IT equipment. Throughout Europe, Gisler Systems AG purchases and sells IT hardware from the mainframe through midrange to PCs, notebooks, monitors, printers, mobile Phone, Tablets, and more. Long-term customers attest to Gisler Systems a professional service portfolio with an optimal price / performance ratio, fast and reliable logistics as well as a strong customer focus. The company Gisler Systems AG offers companies also complex, logistical solutions for roll-outs, roll-backs and trade-in.

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about us

Executive management board

Yves Gisler

VP Purchase & Sales CH-D / Deputy Executive

Walter H. Gisler

Chief Executive Officer

Extended management board

Patrick Pythoud

Manager Purchase & Sales CH-F

E-Mail: Patrick Pythoud
Languages: German, French

Alex Vogelsanger

Head of Administration & HR

E-Mail: Alex Vogelsanger
Language: German, English

Halim Maliqi

Halim Maliqi

Head of Solution Center
Etienne Gisler

Etienne Gisler

Manager Purchase & Sales CH-D

Adrian Egger

VP Purchase & Sales CH-D

E-Mail: Adrian Egger
Languages: German, French, English

and visions

Customer Satisfaction

We do our utmost to maintain an individual and solution-oriented business relationship with our customers. The customer and his wishes are at the heart of us - a reason to live a constructive communication every day and thus to be on the pulse of the market.

Honesty and Reliability

It is a fundamental decision to be honest with our customers. Our work processes are transparent and easy to understand by our customers. We guarantee the customer a clear project management and partnership-based solutions at all times. We make the reliability of honesty equal and make every effort to make the dates of the customer our responsibility.


The highest priority is to discretion for our customer orders. We want to meet the trust of our customers with the secrecy we expect, and involve every employee of our team in this responsibility.

and visions


We strive for a common development to success, so that we can offer our customers innovative and contemporary solutions. To be among the best is our goal, which we strive together and with all our strength for our customers.

Working climate

We stand for each other, respect the personality of the other and create a good basis for daily cooperation through tolerance and openness. This is how we promote our quality awareness and take responsibility for our services.


As a team, we motivate each other by recognizing good achievements and cultivate our sense of belonging together through company-internal events and excursions. The constructive criticism in our team brings us closer to the customer's wishes and thus to the success of our performance.

Contact Information

Gisler Systems AG
Steinackerstrasse 6
CH-8902 Urdorf

Tel: +41 44 736 50 50
Fax: +41 44 736 50 55

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
08:00 - 12:00 Uhr
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