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Gisler Systems AG already anchored sustainability and green values in its corporate DNA when it was founded in 1999 as important building blocks of business success. We give used devices a second life in Europe. We are thus creating an inexpensive alternative to new hardware and reducing the consumption of resources.


More value than you think

The graphic opposite gives you an insight into how many resources are used to manufacture a computer with a monitor or a notebook. Around two thirds of the CO2 consumption is incurred in the manufacture of a device.  

Based on "Computers and the Environment: Understanding and Managing their Impacts," was published by Kluwer Academic. United Nations University


Due to recycling, the complete disposal of old IT hardware is a complex yet highly valuable process in our contribution to environmental protection. Devices are dismantled into their individual parts according to their manufacture or their substances and ingredients, destroyed separately or recycled whenever possible. In the case of a notebook, for example, the screen and battery are removed because they are subject to different disposal and recycling guidelines. Certain power cables and circuit boards must be removed from computers.

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